Hand-crafted skincare made in Saaremaa brings together the appreciation for local raw material, handcraftmanship and the strong bond between human and nature.

For MUKK, the real values lie in our local waters, forests and fields. In our products we use red algae which is handpicked form the coastline of Saaremaa and is very rich in minerals. All ingredients used are completely natural and free from synthetic elements.

Throughout history, people have handmade everything they needed. Hand-crafting gives a certain sense of purpose for the creation. MUKK collects, creates and packs every product by hand. Furthermore, we test and research all natural combinations ourselves, in order to deliver the best result possible.

However estranged from nature and its endless possibilities, our products bring the forces of nature closer to the user. Inspired by the wild and aboriginal, MUKK brings back the connection to the primeval.